Corporate training and learning: the power of social learning

It is difficult to be successful when one is aware of the fact that  most people remember only 10% of the information learned . A 10% constantly threatened by the information overload and by the considerable amount of data generated and exchanged over time. A problem of attention or a learning problem? How do people learn, understand their mechanisms, remember and memorize all that is proposed? Neuroscientists, psychologists, sociologists and communicators have always tried to investigate what makes human beings capable of learning. Early behavioral theories (from Pavlov to Skinner and Thorndike) defined learning as the process by…

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Social Learning

The first studies on organizational learning borrowed from the behavioral psychology and cognitivist the concept of learning, making a transposition to the organization of the concepts elaborated at the level of the individual. Consequently, an analogy between the mind and the organization was elaborated, hypothesizing in the latter the presence of mental schemes and cognitive structures and identifying only the management of the functions of thinking and learning (Gherardi, Nicolini, 2004). In this regard, a first epistemological hypothesis on learning is that which has studied it as a cognitive phenomenon, ie…

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